Cover Image Kamiyadori
Kamiyadori カミヤドリ ; 神灭领域 (29 ch)
Cover Image Kondo koso Shiawase ni Narimasu!
Kondo koso Shiawase ni Narimasu! 今度こそ幸せになります!, This Time, I Will Definitely Be Happy! (30 ch)
Cover Image Magikano
Magikano マジカノ, Magicano, Majikano, Magical Girlfriend (47 ch)
Cover Image Candy Boy
Candy Boy キャンディボーイ, Candy☆Boy (12 ch)
Cover Image The Fiancées Live Together
The Fiancées Live Together 역혼저거 왔다, Cohabitation with My Fiancée (131 ch)
Cover Image Ichizu De Bitch Na Kouhai
Ichizu De Bitch Na Kouhai 一途でビッチな後輩, Wholehearted Bitch Junior (34 ch)
Cover Image Noblesse
Noblesse 노블레스 (Korean); 大貴族 (Chinese); Adelskap (Swedish); โนเบลส (Thai); النبلاء (Arabic); Дворянство (Russian); Nemesség (Hungarian); Szlachectwo (Polish); Nobleţe (Romanian); Nobleza (Spanish); Kilmingieji (Lithuanian) (558 ch)

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